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JCT Customers

Welcome JCT Customers

We understand how important your business is to you. Knowing load status, what equipment is transporting your freight, and what we offer, among other things, is integral in running a successful business.

Services & Equipment


At John Christner Trucking, our primary focus is on truckload transportation, with an emphasis on temperature controlled products. We can transport your goods at temperatures ranging anywhere from minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit to plus 90 degrees Fahrenheit and hold them at the temperature you specify. To facilitate the pickup and delivery of your shipments, we operate equipment yards in Oklahoma City, OK; Fort Worth, TX and Phoenix, AZ. We also have drop trailer pools at several shipping locations throughout the U.S.


You will find that John Christner Trucking places a great deal of importance on constantly finding ways to further improve maximum efficiency.

  • SmartWay partnership and the changes made to be a partner
  • Lighter equipment
  • APU/energy efficiency
  • Reduction in idle time
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Aerodynamic Equipment


Maintaining equipment means more than just keeping oil changed in a diesel engine at John Christner Trucking. The Maintenance Department takes the importance of road safety and the value of keeping your truck out on the road earning revenue very seriously. To insure the quality and safety of our equipment, every truck that enters or exits our terminal goes through a multi-point inspection to ensure tires, structure, and illumination of the equipment meet our safety standard, which exceeds the DOT standard for road safety.

Every tractor is equipped with QualComm’s Sensor Tracs to monitor the heartbeat of the truck and keep you in touch with how your business partner is performing.

We also have our own state of the art oil analysis lab to make sure the diesel engine is running at its best and identify any potential problems well in advance of any failure.

We have a computerized alignment machine to ensure the tractor and trailer travel down the highway straight and without excessive tire wear.

Our service bays, body shop and major repair shop are staffed by experienced technicians with up-to-date diagnostic and repair tooling; no job is too big for our shop.

Our technical skills and knowledge combined with our buying power provides our operators with dealership quality services at far lower pricing.