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Driver Resources

Welcome JCT Drivers

This page is dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest JCT info. Here you can view your weekly settlements, insurance and contracts. We’ve also provided a list of contacts should you have any questions. Be sure to check back often for updated events and other related information.

Insurance, Contracts & Settlements

Click on link below for insurance information and verification cards:

JCT Insurance Information

THREE DIAMOND Insurance Information

Review your contract

View your settlements



Accidents: 918-227-6643

Motorist Complaints: 918-347-2327

License and Permits: 918-227-6652

To Contact Safety via Email: safety@johnchristner.com


Shop Office: 918-227-6627

Parts: 918-227-6697

Warranty: 918-227-6694

Breakdown: 877-528-5351; breakdown@johnchristner.com