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Here at John Christner Trucking, we recognize that we have a duty not only to our external customers but to our associates as well. While striving to provide our shippers with exceptional service and give them lasting value, we place equal emphasis providing our drivers & support staff a quality work environment and unlimited opportunity.  Not only do we offer a workplace that fosters and thrives on communication and teamwork, we also have an ongoing commitment to strive for excellence in our day-to-day work in order to provide the best quality service to all whom we serve.

Ultimately, JCT has a very simple philosophy of how we treat our customers, drivers and employees alike. Our sole mission is to provide exceptional transportation solutions utilizing our core values: integrity, dependability, stewardship.

John Christner founded JCT in 1986 with only 2 trucks. Now as a fleet of over 800 trucks, John has had the support of many throughout the years, including his two sons Danny & Darryl. Danny had originally joined JCT to take care of some odds and ends, but is now COO of John Christner Trucking. Darryl, with a financial background, decided it was time to join the company as well and is currently CFO of John Christner Trucking.

After being in business for 29+ years, John Christner Trucking is still a family-owned and run business with no plans of slowing down. Two key components in the Christner’s success has been sharing responsibility and respecting each other’s skills.

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