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Shop Office: 918-227-6627
Breakdown: 877-528-5351


Accidents: 918-227-6643
Motorist Complaints: 918-347-2327
License and Permits: 918-227-6652

Driver Recruiting

Toll Free: 877-528-4478

Human Resources

Toll Free: 800-324-1900 ext. 6601



CJ Westmoreland (Lead)

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 2343

Andrew Copeland

Trevor Fielder

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 6676


Chris McClure

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 2357

Stacey Morales

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 4150

Stephen Chapman (Lead)

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 2355

Weekend Operations

VP of Brokerage Operations

VP of Account Management

Dustin Byrd

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 2344

VP of Logistics

Blake Thomas

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 2350

Intra California

Russell Watson

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 6653

Nathalie Manduajano

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 4148

Tomas Robles

Office: 800-324-1900 ext. 4223

Customer Service

VP of Customer Service

Marty Means
800-324-1900 ext. 6637

All JCT dispatch information and shipment tracking is transmitted to and from our drivers by use of Qualcomm Satellite. The originating customer service team will make all pickup and delivery appointments and our policy is to have confirmed delivery appointments in place prior to loading our vehicle. The originating dispatch team is also responsible for tracking shipments to final delivery. When delivery appointments change, the originating dispatch team will notify the shipper of any changes.

Customer Service Representatives Are Available 24/7.

Customer Service Zone Map
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10

Sales & Marketing Departments

VP of Operations

Jeremy Fields
800-324-1900 x4203

VP of Sales

Greg Gorman
800-324-1900 x6699

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      • Request for Information

Please contact us at 1-800-324-1900 Option 4

19007 W. Hwy 33
Sapulpa, OK 74067