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JCT Mobile Load Tracking – New Service Offering

All check calls can now be entered via Web check in, either on your computer or through any smart phone. Our load confirmations have a QR Code/Link on the top right corner. You can update locations or any other information with JCT without having to go through any operators or make any phone calls. Load confirmations can also be text to drivers for them to have easy access to their load information if there is a problem.

However, if any issues arise either at shippers/receivers or during transit we do ask that you call JCT and let us know so we can handle them in a timely manner to get you back on the road.

Nationwide Breakdown Coverage

We also offer nationwide breakdown coverage, and are able to keep loads moving either with different trucks or by facilitating quick repairs. If you are a carrier, we can help you find a shop to assist with your breakdown quickly.  Refrigerated product offers a variety of challenges when equipment issues arise, our objective will always be to provide the customer with the best service available.  This allows both JCT and partner carriers the best option to avoid any penalties or claim issues.

Multiple Payment Options

Quick pay:

Same day payment via EFS Check, once paperwork is either scanned through Trans Flo or Trippak services.  Standard fee is 5% of remaining revenue.

Direct Deposit:

No fees associated, Settlements are directly deposited to your bank account with average days to pay 7 to 14 business days.

Regular Checks:

Sent via Mail with average 7-14 business day’s payment terms

Fuel advances:

Issued via EFS checks with up to 40% of load revenue paid to carriers. Standard fee is 2% of fuel advance amount.