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18th of October 2017 03:53 PM Link
Who wants to win some money?!? Check out how and how much you can win over Thanksgiving! Remember that tickets do not roll over from summer Haulidays! You must work during Thanksgiving to win on Thanksgiving!

Good luck!
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16th of October 2017 09:11 PM Link
In case you missed it!
12th of October 2017 03:18 PM Link
Ownership Announcement: Pay Increase Specifics 10-12-2017

Listen in as Danny, Darryl and John Christner give specifics as to how the increased JCT operator pay will be implemented!

Follow our Soundcloud page to stay up to date on all things JCT.

10th of October 2017 08:46 PM Link
Thanksgiving will be here before you know it!! Make sure you have tickets in the Thanksgiving Hauliday raffle! Don't forget your tickets do not carry over so you have to work during Thanksgiving to have a chance!

See graphic for details:
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6th of October 2017 12:50 PM Link
Congratulations to Andy Willis‎ for winning this weeks photo contest with a great sunset behind a beautiful truck!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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5th of October 2017 07:29 PM Link
Our "Whatever It Takes" podcast will be launching soon! We will cover everything from industry news/trends, maintenance updates, current events and everything else JCT! We will also take questions from drivers! If you have any questions you want answered on our first podcast, submit them in the comment section!

Make sure and follow our soundcloud page, this is where our podcasts will be released:

HERE: https://soundcloud.com/user-212191596
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4th of October 2017 03:43 PM Link
Have you heard the news? Darryl and John Christner shed some light on current industry trends as well as JCT's plan regarding driver pay!

Listen here:
Follow our Soundcloud page to stay informed with all things JCT!
2nd of October 2017 08:13 PM Link
Everyone congratulate our Drivers of the Month for September!
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29th of September 2017 12:45 PM Link
Congratulations to James Burnham for winning this weeks photo contest! Have a safe, great weekend everyone!
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26th of September 2017 03:00 PM Link
Interested in what JCT has to offer? Check out our equipment here!

22nd of September 2017 12:58 PM Link
Congratulations to Keefe Ginnokiba for winning this weeks photo contest! That's a sweet blue ride!

Make sure you send your best truck photos in for the contest each week! Just post the picture to our page for your chance to win! Have a great weekend JCT!
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20th of September 2017 03:05 PM Link
We have made it through the summer Haulidays! Thank you to everyone who participated and to the 30 individuals who won cash!

Now we are moving on to the Winter Haulidays, where the winnings are even more!

REMEMBER!!!! Your tickets no longer carry over! For example, only people who work during Thanksgiving, will win during Thanksgiving!

Speaking of winning, check out how much money you can pocket!

Thanksgiving: 10 drivers will take home $1,500 each and the grand prize winner gets $10,000!

Christmas: 10 drivers will take home $2,500 and the grand prize winner gets $25,000!

New Years: 10 drivers will take home $1,500 each and the grand prize winner gets $10,000!

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Check out the poster for rules and details!
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15th of September 2017 12:52 PM Link
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15th of September 2017 12:51 PM Link
Congratulations to John H. Canon III‎ for winning this weeks photo contest!

Thank you to everyone who helped with Driver Appreciation week, it was a great time! Have a good weekend JCT!
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14th of September 2017 02:13 PM Link
2017 Labor Day Hauliday Raffle!

Live during Driver Appreciation week!

13th of September 2017 09:05 PM Link
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13th of September 2017 05:41 PM Link
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11th of September 2017 02:31 PM Link
It is here! Driver Appreciation Week 2017!! Take a look at what we did this week last year!

8th of September 2017 01:30 PM Link
Congratulations to Veka Person‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! Great shot! Also we cannot wait to see the JCT fleet during Driver Appreciation week in Sapulpa! Check out the menu below!

Have a safe weekend JCT!
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5th of September 2017 03:36 PM Link
Driver appreciation week starts on Monday! What's on the menu?? Check it out!
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