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15th of December 2017 01:56 PM Link
Congratulations to JCT for winning this weeks photo contest, for our appearance in the Tulsa Christmas Parade, pulling the Soldiers Wish trailer! Have a great weekend JCT
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14th of December 2017 02:05 PM Link
JCT!!! Don't forget that the Christmas Hauliday Raffle is right around the corner, and with it your chance to win $25,000!!

REMEMBER! Tickets do not carry over from previous Haulidays! You must work during the Christmas window, to win during the Christmas window!
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12th of December 2017 02:14 PM
In your opinion, what kind of an impact will the ELD Mandate (goes into effect December 18th 2017) have on smaller trucking companies?
8th of December 2017 02:02 PM Link
Congratulations to Adam Anderson‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! Great shot Adam!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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7th of December 2017 09:11 PM

Here is your updated Referral Leader Board!

DiAnna Ramsey 14
Antwon Smith 11
John Minnie 10
Ronald (Julius) Branch 6
David Person 6
Jaime Narvaez 4
David Bell 4
Cedric Howard 4
Lindsay Friedrich 4
Jose Diaz 4
*not all drivers with 4 referrals shown*

Great job everyone! Your efforts to help recruit for JCT do not go unnoticed and they are very much appreciated!

Have a great weekend JCT!
5th of December 2017 10:12 PM Link
A big congratulations to the JCT November Drivers of the Month!
1st of December 2017 01:51 PM Link
Congratulations to Jeremiah Johnson
for winning this weeks photo contest with a beautiful sunset shot in Colton California!

Have a safe, great weekend JCT!
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30th of November 2017 11:41 PM Link
Here is the much anticipated, 2017 Thanksgiving Hauliday Raffle!

Congratulations to the winners!

28th of November 2017 03:28 PM Link

We will be doing the drawing for the 2017 Thanksgiving Hauliday Raffle tomorrow afternoon! If you worked during the time period below, you will have a chance to win some serious cash!

Good Luck!
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24th of November 2017 02:05 PM Link
Congratulations to Andy Willis for winning this weeks photo contest!

Happy Thanksgiving JCT, to you and yours! Have a great weekend!
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20th of November 2017 08:01 PM Link

The Hauliday Raffle window for Thanksgiving starts this week! Here the latest from Danny Christner!

Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-212191596/hauliday-raffle-reminder-11-15-2017
17th of November 2017 02:11 PM Link
Congratulations to Andy Willis for winning this weeks photo contest!

Have a great weekend JCT!!
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16th of November 2017 02:10 PM Link
Hauliday Raffle Next Week!!!

Listen in as Danny recaps how the raffle will work next week and what kind of (GREAT) odds you have at winning!

REMEMBER: Tickets do not carry over from previous Haulidays. In order to win over Thanksgiving, you have to work over Thanksgiving!

13th of November 2017 08:08 PM Link
It is almost here JCT!! Your chance to win some serious cash for working over the Haulidays!
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10th of November 2017 10:00 PM Link
Thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day!
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7th of November 2017 07:25 PM Link
Listen in, as Danny Christner talks about John Christner Trucking's new policy & rates, as it relates to detention pay!

Follow our Soundcloud page to stay up to date on all things JCT!

6th of November 2017 03:42 PM Link
Who is ready for some money?? The Thanksgiving Hauliday Raffle is right around the corner! Make sure that you have your chance to win!

See rules below

Watch this video to see the winners from Labor Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZJJB5Q1R9M
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3rd of November 2017 01:52 PM Link
A huge congratulations to Ed Garrard‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! What a great shot in Utah!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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1st of November 2017 04:53 PM Link
Driver base pay increase starting today!

Now is the time to join JCT because driver base pay will go up again December 1!

If you missed the news, hear it from the Christners!

27th of October 2017 02:56 PM Link
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