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25th of March 2019 08:40 PM Link
John Minnie, one of our top recruiters, won an Apple iPad through our JCT Diamond Reward program. John is also a mentor and helps out the drivers that he recruits. We love seeing awesome people like this take advantage of our rewards program!

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22nd of March 2019 04:06 PM Link
Congratulations Daniel Smith! You won this week's photo challenge 📷📷📷
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21st of March 2019 09:27 PM Link
Throwback Thursday! Here is a picture from earlier this month at Oklahoma Trucking Association's 2019 Safety Awards Banquet.
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21st of March 2019 09:26 PM Link
JCT is so proud that 6 of our drivers were nominated for Oklahoma Trucking Association's Driver of the Year award!
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20th of March 2019 04:32 PM Link
Driver, Nick, and his dog, Vida, hanging out in the driver appreciation lounge. 📺🐶
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19th of March 2019 03:14 PM Link
18th of March 2019 07:59 PM Link
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15th of March 2019 04:09 PM Link
Congratulations John Ortego! This awesome Area 51 picture won this week's photo challenge 📷📷📷
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13th of March 2019 09:38 PM Link
To the ones that help us get through the week.

Let's see your pets, drivers!
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12th of March 2019 09:46 PM Link
For all of our drivers with fur babies on board 🐶
11th of March 2019 06:35 PM Link
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8th of March 2019 02:59 PM Link
Congratulations Adam Anderson! You won this week's photo contest.

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7th of March 2019 09:50 PM Link
6th of March 2019 10:30 PM Link
5th of March 2019 10:23 PM Link
4th of March 2019 10:56 PM Link
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1st of March 2019 10:03 PM Link
Congrats Delsin Hunt! You won this week's photo challenge!
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27th of February 2019 10:31 PM Link
Drivers, do you agree? Have you had some close calls in these areas?
26th of February 2019 09:54 PM Link
Round table no.1

We had different departments, from driver managers to truck maintenance, meet with some of our drivers today in a round table to discuss different topics. As always, we strive to improve the way we do things and talking with our drivers can be one of the most constructive ways to get the information we need to evolve and grow.
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25th of February 2019 08:27 PM Link
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