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18th of August 2017 01:08 PM Link
‎Congratulations to John H. Canon III‎ for winning this weeks photo contest with a great shot on US-95 between Las Vegas and Feeble, Nevada! Have a great weekend JCT!
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16th of August 2017 04:00 PM Link
The American Legion hosts its national convention in a different city each year and welcomes to it a large number of attendees. This year the 99th National Convention is being held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, NV. The convention is planned to have around 9,000 in attendance. Our very own Bryan J. Palmer Sr. is pulling the Soldier’s Wish trailer for the event. Thank you for being such a good representation of JCT, Bryan!
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15th of August 2017 06:58 PM Link

The Labor Day Hauliday window will be here before you know it! 10 Winners will get some cold hard cash!

See below for details!
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14th of August 2017 07:27 PM Link
Our very own John Mallory at the National Truck Driving Championships! The man behind the beak!

10th of August 2017 05:12 PM Link
Current Driver Referral Leader board!

Antwon Smith 8
John Minnie 7
DiAnna Ramsey 6
Ronald (Julius) Branch 5
Jaime Narvaez 4
David Bell 4
Michael Furtick 3
April Celestine 3
John Valdez 3
Jerry Davis 3

Great effort everyone, keep it up! For more information about our Diamond Rewards program, go here: http://jctdiamondrewards.com/
Have a great day!
7th of August 2017 02:57 PM Link
Drivers of the Month: July 2017!
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4th of August 2017 12:49 PM Link
Congratulations to "Famous" Amos Johnson on an incredible 22 years driving with JCT! It is only right that he is the winner of this weeks photo contest!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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31st of July 2017 03:09 PM Link
Congratulations to Paula Sarchet for winning the 2nd Quarter iPad! Keep referring those drivers JCT, for your chance to win!
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28th of July 2017 01:09 PM Link
Congratulations to Terry Compton‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! Nice shot Terry!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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27th of July 2017 10:04 PM Link
Check out our JCT eLog University! In December this year, the vast majority of operators and carriers will be required to switch to an ELD (electronic logging device). Learn about how this will affect your operation and also learn what you can do to be as efficient as possible!

21st of July 2017 01:09 PM Link
Congratulations to Chris Thrash‎ for taking this picture worth a pot of gold, and winning this weeks photo contest!

Have a great weekend JCT!
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20th of July 2017 03:26 PM Link
John Christner Trucking's brand new Driver Appreciation Center!
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18th of July 2017 03:11 PM
JCT’s New Gift to Drivers: Lounge, Laundry, Gym and More!

John Christner Trucking’s latest construction project will be a one stop shop for operators between driving shifts.

Sapulpa, Okla., July 18, 2017- It has been 31 years since John Christner Trucking opened its doors and they continue to add facilities to their Sapulpa location. On Tuesday, July 18th JCT unveiled the newly constructed ‘Driver Appreciation Center’, to its drivers and employees.

This new facility features washers and dryers, bathrooms and showers, a lounge with recliners, a large TV and a free 4 player arcade console. There is also a gym with cardio machines, weight lifting equipment and a heavy bag for boxing workouts. And to avoid having to sleep in their truck or pay for hotel while in the area, JCT included 4 bedrooms for drivers needing a place to sleep.

“We understand that our success would not be possible without the dedicated, professional drivers that keep this company moving forward. This is just a small token of appreciation for a team of drivers that work so hard” says Shannon Crowley, VP of Risk Management.

JCT is not new to driver appreciation events. Later this year, John Christner Trucking will host its annual Driver Appreciation Week. Where lunch will be catered in everyday, prizes are given away and where drivers and employees, who typically work together over long distances, will have a chance to catch up.

In an industry where the competition for drivers is so high, this addition helps solidify JCT as a career destination for professional, over the road drivers. Too see pictures and for more information, check out John Christner Trucking’s Facebook page.

About John Christner Trucking:
John Christner Trucking is an irregular route trucking company specializing in temperature-controlled truckload services. Founded in 1986, John Christner Trucking is a family-owned and operated business that strives to provide drivers and support staff a quality work environment and unlimited opportunity. John Christner Trucking currently operates a fleet of 750 vehicles, based out of Sapulpa Oklahoma, with equipment yards in Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and Phoenix, as well as trailer pools at several shipping locations throughout the U.S.

14th of July 2017 01:21 PM Link
Congratulations to Rick Collins for taking this sweet night shot in Findlay Ohio!

Also stay tuned next week for some exciting news about JCT's Sapulpa terminal! Have a great weekend JCT!
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12th of July 2017 04:18 PM Link
JCT, the 2017 July 4th Hauliday Raffle! Hang around till the end to see our special guest call the winners!

7th of July 2017 12:53 PM Link
Congratulations to Mike Grannis‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! And a big thank you to law enforcement officers all around the country! Have a great weekend JCT!
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3rd of July 2017 01:35 PM Link
The man himself, John Christner, 4th of July weekend helping out our wonderful operations department!
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30th of June 2017 01:00 PM Link
Congratulations to Dwayne Walters‎ for winning this weeks photo contest! A great early morning shot near Lowland, CO!

Have a great weekend JCT and don't forget about the Hauliday Raffle!!
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29th of June 2017 02:40 PM Link
The July 4th Raffle is almost here!!! Any tickets that you had in the Memorial Day raffle will carry over and add to the tickets you earn working during the 4th of July window! See the poster for the rules.

There will be 5 $1000 winners, 4 $2500 winners and 1 $5000 winner for the 4th of July! If you need to adjust your schedules make sure and talk to you driver manager! Good Luck!
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27th of June 2017 04:33 PM Link
Its hard to miss John Christner when he drives this beauty! Who wants to ride in the side car??
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